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2kyov Cross Country Skiing 2023

In February 2023, 2kyov went north to Roscommon, Mi for an extended weekend in the snow. At the XC Ski Headquarters we found ideal conditions for one of our favorite winter activity - cross country skiing.  XC Ski HQ offers about 11 miles of groomed ski trails and a friendly atmosphere. We cannot wait to come back.

Late-Runners - Louisville Lovin' the Hills 2023

The Late-Runners participated in their first real trail run, the "Louisville Lovin' the Hills 2023".  We had a beautiful, very cold and icy day.

Grand Canyon 2022 - Part 1: North Rim to Phantom Ranch

This is the first part of our Grand Canyon Adventure 2022. In this episode, we hike down to Phantom Ranch. Our day starts early in the morning at Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge were we take the Bridle Trail to the North Kaibab trailhead and down to Phantom Ranch.

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