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Late-Runners / Running Late is my Cardio

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

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As mentioned, in 2018 we started running to make a successful life style change. Ever since we are hooked and eager to get on the road. We first started with short runs in our neighborhood and increased our distances over time. Today we run several times per week about 3.7 mi and participate in several, often fun runs per year. These include 5ks, 4millers, and all the way up to half marathons. We actually will run a 25k later in 2022 at the Mammoth Cave NP ( This will be our longest race so far and it will be a "trailish" run. We are already excited to participate.

2kyov's during a run at Zion NP

We also try to find the time and appropriate routes to run while traveling. This is often not easy. There is the problem that we usually don't know the areas well enough and runners apps can only help so much. Or we only stay over night and need to leave early. Places were we always try to get a run in are the National Parks. So far we managed to run in 7 of 63 National Parks, the latest being the Hot Springs NP.

All in all, one can say running has become a passion of ours and we hope to share some of the joy and excitement we experience here with you.

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